A lifetime then a trip to Asia. It’s a destination like no other with its religious temples, tasty cuisine, beautiful scenery and much more. There is so much to do and so much to see. Be warned that once you step foot on this glorious side of the world you’ll be hooked.

1. Buddhist Monk Temple Stay in Korea

What better way to understand the lives of these modern day monks than by participating in a temple stay program? Usually done on a weekend you will rise up before dawn to serve breakfast, do chores and meditate all while experiencing firsthand the everyday lifestyle of the Buddhist monks. You even have traditional monk clothes provided for you.

2. Climb Japan’s Mt. Fuji

This trip can easily be done over a weekend and there are tons of sites on the web to help you prepare. With the proper clothes and gear you can enjoy Mt. Fuji’s 12,388 foot accent to the summit to watch the sunrise. Watch your step on the way down as you tread though lava ashes from this former volcano. The best time to climb is in July or August.

3. Relax on White Beach in Boracay

With its white sand and crystal blue water White Beach is a top beach destination in the Philippines. Many hotels on the beach offer scuba classes and gear rental plus water sports are abundant if you’ve got the energy. After nightfall wander into town to the local restaurants and bars and perhaps do some souvenir shopping from the many vendors along the way.

4. Sample the street food in Taipei

If you’re up for an adventure and cheap food is your thing then Taiwan’s Shilin Night Market is for you. Chicken butt, duck’s head and congealed pig’s blood are a few favorites but perhaps what they are most known for is their stinky tofu. Conveniently located in downtown Taipei these vendors sell it all.

5. Jungle Trekking in Northern Thailand

Forget the city and head up north to Chiang Mai where you can book a trek of a lifetime. Many companies offer guided tours though the mountains to hillside tribal villages where you can enjoy authentic food and sleep in a bamboo hut. Most tours include an elephant ride and some water rafting.

6. Experience Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Even if history is not your thing I still believe that a trip to Angkor Wat will take your breath away. This large Hindu temple has been argued as one of man’s biggest architectural achievements and is a UNESCO Heritage site not to be missed. Built in the 12th century and then abandoned for centuries after that Angkor Wat is a place of mystery and legend.

7. Sing a song at Norabong in South Korea

Norabong literally translates to “singing room” where you and your friends rent a small private room by the hour to sing all your karaoke favorites. Think neon dance party with mics and you’ve got the picture. Each room comes with a big screen TV and its own karaoke scoring system. Tambourines are often provided to add to the fun but be advised that no alcohol is served at these establishments. It’s all about the singing.

8. Walk the Path of Philosophy in Kyoto

Enjoy a stroll through Japan’s old capital as you venture down the Path of Philosophy. The path runs along a canal which is lined with hundreds of cherry blossom trees that bloom in the spring and make for gorgeous scenery. Along the way you will see numerous temples and shrines as well as boutiques and restaurants. Who knows, you may even run into a geisha.

9. Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong just might be a shopper’s paradise. If you’re looking to try out your bargaining skills, Stanley Market and the Temple Street Market are two top choices. A tourist must see is the Peak Galleria where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Victoria’s Harbour. If you’re looking for something more traditional don’t forget to pick up a Chinese fish bowl at the Goldfish Market to bring you luck throughout the years.

10. Balloon Ride over the Taj Mahal

Hot air ballooning will never be the same! When thinking about visiting India’s Golden Triangle a visit to the Taj Mahal is the highlight on anyone’s list. Why not make it that much more memorable with a special balloon ride to really take in all the sights. Ariel balloon rides over Agra can be booked online and are sometimes included with tours.

Below are the countries, provinces, territories and states in Asia