Europe has it all! Whether you are looking for a historical vacation, a cultural tour, a family getaway, or a culinary adventure, Europe will not disappoint you. It’s rich heritage and culture begets unlimited opportunities for exploration and discovery. For instance, you can begin your tour at Paris, get excited over Shakespeare's lovers in Verona and cap it with some exciting days in Barcelona.

Any vacation in Europe is incomplete without The United Kingdom, which beckons visitors with the sheer majesty of attractions such as the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, Tower of London, London Bridge, and Madame Tussaud's Museum, just to name a few. But this is just the beginning! From the mountains and lakes of Wales and The Lake District and the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands and Islands,Westward to the Giants causeway and the welcome to be found in Northern Ireland. There is something for everyone in the British Isles.

The castles of Germany and the mansions and vineyards of Saxony will take you on fascinating trip back through the hallowed portals of time. Boy, you’ll marvel at history! If you’re a nature lover, you can’t miss Switzerland and Austria, which brags some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, starting from engaging ski slopes, placid lakes and lush meadows to the culture and history of Zurich and Vienna.

If you’re through with these awe-inspiring panoramas, roll into Italy to bask in the rich cauldron of art, culture and architecture. Browse museums, glance through the symbols of the Roman civilization, and treat yourself to the taste bud sensations. Don’t miss Milan! A Mecca for the fashion buffs, the city invites you with swanky pubs, discos and nightclubs. Sample local wines, drink to your heart’s content and dance your nights away.

Europe doesn’t end here. Spain is another sensation, which is a class apart. You’ll never forget the splendid city of Barcelona, with its impressive waterfront and the stunning art of Picasso.

There’s so much and more to do and see in Europe! Small wonder then that it is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world.

Here are some of the offbeat places that you may consider visiting when traveling through this amazing continent:

1. Delphi, Greece

Is a location that may guarantee your satisfaction because you are likely to remain quite spellbound and awe-struck. This archeological site was considered as being the home of an ancient oracle that was used as a religious institution in order to worship the God Apollo.

Delphi may be regarded as a mysterious and ancient land; this land was considered as the center of the entire world. Therefore, this location should not miss from your destination list because you have to take your time and explore even the entire Greece if you like it because this beautiful country has plenty to offer to all of its visitors.

2. Castle Toblino, Northern Italy

May be regarded as a destination that has descended right from an ancient fairytale; the storybook fables may actually find their perfect place in this ancient castle that is nestled in a deep valley that’s surrounded by the strong Dolomite cliffs. This castle was actually built in medieval times and it was also renovated during the 16th century. There are foggy mists that will envelop this castle on a daily basis thus transforming it into a romantic destination. The atmosphere is both haunting and romantic and you may also become familiar with plenty of stories that are mainly related to the unhappy love stories that have taken place right in this castle. This special destination will make you and your friends become lost in time thus experiencing my lifetime adventure.

3. Dachau Concentration Camp, Germany

This destination is to be considered especially if you are interested in having a more sober and serious trip in Germany; this trip may be quite out of ordinary because this horrible location will transport you back in history. The dreaded days of the Holocaust will thus be remembered and you can also visit the main building that was used in older to shelter the German soldiers during the war. This building was eventually transformed into the Holocaust Museum and this destination remains one of the most interesting and eeriest places that are to be found among the tourist attractions.

4. Northern Alsace Wine Road, France

This location is less known but is worth my time and money in order to go there; this place is a must-see one because it cuts through the dense forests and picturesque villages that are to be found along the Rhine River. The entire place is dotted with famous vineyards thus transforming this location into a very interesting one for all the wine lovers out there. The Gothic structures and the religious buildings are also to be visited.

5. Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Romania

This destination is actually a place that has become reality; this location is to be regarded as a genuine fairytale because all the gigantic biological and geological wonders are to be discovered on foot.

Some of the most wanted and unique species are to be found in this natural reservation and this protected ecosphere is actually a living fairytale that provides shelter for rich fauna and flora.

6. Eiffel Tower, France

This destination is one of the most famous locations on the entire planet; this famous landmark attracts millions of tourists because there is no similar structure that can be found on earth. This tower is among the tallest buildings and it is to be regarded as a total must-see when it comes to visiting Europe.

7. Acropolis, Greece

The perfect destination especially if I am highly interested in history and ancient culture; this historical site s not to be missed especially if you are planning to visit Greece. Acropolis is to be found located in Athens and you will also be able to see other famous places such as the Parthenon that was built in the ancient centuries. You will have to take a closer look to all these amazing architectures because these ruins and buildings can actually provide you with new information about the Greek history and culture.

8. Tower Bridge, Edinburgh Castle and Buckingham Palace, UK

Are to be reached as well especially when you are traveling through UK; the Tower Bridge may provide me with an amazing view thanks to its beautifully designed architecture. Its walkways are likely to provide me with breathtaking views that may be seized while walking on foot. For instance, you may consider visiting the engine rooms in order to see the powerful engines that are used in order to maintain the entire bridge. The Edinburgh Castle is one of the most interesting locations; its views are splendid and only by visiting it, you will manage to understand why millions of visitors are coming in this place on a regular basis.

Walking through its beautiful gardens, you will be able to understand why this castle is one of the most beautiful buildings ever. You must not forget about Big Ben because this turret clock tower is to be regarded as a true symbol of the United Kingdom.

9. La Sagrada Familia, Spain

This building is to be found in Barcelona, Spain and it was designed and even worked on by the notorious architect Antoni Gaudi.

This building comes along with amazing architecture; the towers and their architecture are amazingly designed by using innovative methods that can even be spotted by a total beginner like me thus transforming the entire place into an excellent choice for my future trips in Spain

10. Cathedral Notre-Dame, France

No trip in France is likely to be complete without visiting this amazing location; history buffs will thus become able to enjoy all the historical details because this religious building comes along with a very rich history. The main attraction when it comes to this cathedral resides in the fact that every

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