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New York Overview

Take a bite out of the Big Apple. Grab yourself flights to New York City, one of the most famous cities in the world, and you’ll be spoilt for choice by what’s on offer in each of its five distinct boroughs. Renowned as a 24-hour kinda town, the City That Never Sleeps has a limitless supply of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from - all of which are truly world-class. New Yorkers have a reputation for their tough-talking and no-nonsense attitude and the level of service here reflects that. So whether you visit a family-owned eatery in Little Italy or a high-end, cutting edge bar in the trendy Meatpacking District you can bet you’ll receive some of the best service in the world (just don’t forget to add on the obligatory 10 per cent tip or you’ll be on the receiving end of some of that tough-talking yourself).

The setting for many a major movie, travellers taking direct flights to New York will recognise the landmarks - Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Times Square. After catching a game of baseball at the Yankee Stadium why not chill out in Central Park, or put the money you save on our cheap New York flights towards some retail therapy on Fifth Avenue or head on down to SoHo. Greenwich Village also has its fair share of rustic shops and art stores. The more discerning holidaymakers may want to spend some time at one of the city’s many cultural outlets, such as the Guggenheim Museum. It’s virtually impossible to run out of things to do, which is why one New York flight is not enough. Needless to say there’s so much to see and do, you’ll want to take return flights to New York the moment you arrive home.

Why New York?

New York, New York, they named it twice. One of the world's greatest cities. There are plenty of well-known activities in the City That Never Sleeps -- a Broadway show, a Yankees or Mets baseball game, the Knicks shooting hoops at Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But one of New York's best qualities is its distinctive neighbourhoods. Ever-changing and inspiring fierce loyalty, all five of the City's boroughs have enclaves with their own flair.

Did You Know?

  • There are 79 airlines operating out of New York, NY.
  • The largest aircraft flying out of New York, NY is a 380 with 555 seats.
  • The smallest commercial aircraft flying out of New York, NY is a SF3 with 34 seats.
  • There are over 3,671 long haul flights per week from New York, NY.
  • The longest flight from New York, NY is 9,525 miles.
  • There are 223 nonstop flights per week departing from New York, NY.
  • The shortest flight out of New York, NY is 93 miles.
  • There are 321 nonstop flights out of New York, NY per week that have over 300 seats per aircraft

Travel Guide to New York

Ever-changing and inspiring fierce loyalty, all five of the City's boroughs have enclaves with their own flair. The trendy Lower East Side has gone from overcrowded tenements to bars teeming with hip clientele. The bar at the Hotel on Rivington is known for its cocktails, and on the cheaper side of things (and just across the street) Welcome to the Johnson's has drinks from $2. This area is also home to one of New York's most interesting museums: the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. See how families of immigrants lived in the early 1900s and choose from a selection of family stories to follow. When you're done, stroll down Allen Street to Congee Village, a dirt cheap Chinese that specialises in traditional rice porridge (congee).Just across the East River you'll hit Williamsburg. Now established as a hub for the artier set, there are loads of galleries, bars and restaurants with off-beat appeal. This neighbourhood also boasts one of the best record stores in New York City, as well as creative performance-art spaces cum bar and restaurants. Williamsburg leaks to the north into Greenpoint, a heavily Polish neighbourhood that's now sporting its fair share of watering holes, eateries and 20-somethings. Warsaw at the Polish National Home is not just a terrific place to catch a gig -- you'll find Polish beers and fragrant sausages on offer, as well. Past Greenpoint you hit Long Island City, Queens. This is yet another enclave of trendy arising out of a formerly industrial area. Head to the south east and you'll hit Jackson Heights, the source for all things Indian in New York City. The Jackson Diner is traditionally recommended as the best place to eat, but cheap, heavenly Indian food is everywhere. Hit Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building, but don't forget to find out what the rest of New York is up to when you visit.

New York flights arrive in a huge city destination; a multi-cultural metropolis and a centre for media, food, culture, art and fashion. Flights to New York bring you to an extraordinary city that probably cannot adequately be enjoyed in any one visit.

With landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and the Empire State Building, New York is a fantastic destination at any time of year. There is also a wealth of museums and galleries as well as numerous lovely parks - Central Park being the biggest and most famous. Add to this the various opportunities to experience all kinds of cuisine, performing arts, and street pageants, and there is no doubt that the Big Apple really does have something for everyone.

Cheap flights to New York are worth searching for at any time of year, operating direct from ten cities. Flight prices do tend to rise in the summer, although New York is a popular destination all year round and the summer can be oppressively hot. Book your flight well in advance, especially if you find a cheap flight to this fantastic destination

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