Oceania is a vast, arbitrarily defined expanse of the world where the Pacific Ocean – rather than land borders – connects the nations. It is home to glistening white beaches, coconut palms swaying in the breeze, beautiful coral reefs, and rugged volcanic islands rising out of the blue ocean.

While it may not ring a bell immediately as a 'continent' or region of the world, some of the larger countries in Oceania may help. Australia and New Zealand are the two largest islands in the area of the Pacific Ocean known as Oceania. The region also consists of such well known places as Hawaii and Easter Island.

There are actually quite a few different countries, nations, and territories in this part of the world. If you want to travel for adventure, relaxation and fun - Oceania may be the best destination for you. Some areas are more expensive than others, but most of them offer something a little special and unique while giving you the flavor of the Pacific at the same time.

Sydney’s iconic architecture, the imposing cliffs of Uluru Rock and the vast expanses of aboriginal Oz all make Australia an attractive proposition for beauty-seeking travelers. Kick off in vibrant Sydney, where you can slurp VB in the bars and bash leather cricket balls around the sandy beaches, or get vertigo walking the struts of the Sydney Harbor Bridge before digging into a traditional meat-filled barbecue. Koalas, Kangaroos and Wombats all wander the wide open spaces of the outback, where you can lose yourself in nature on your very own walkabout. Many follow the crowds, edging around the coasts by van and stopping to surf the hefty east shore waves and dive amongst the underwater gardens of the Great Barrier Reef.

New Zealand is an extreme sports Mecca, with major draws for the adventure traveler including swimming with sharks, whale watching, bungee jumping and sailing. The remote stretches of the pacific coast highway are a classic drive, taking visitors deep into Maori country, where tribes still gather at Maori Marae and greet each other with ritual challenges and age-old speeches. You can even explore ‘Middle Earth’, a collection of tourist destinations around the country that made up the sets to the Lord of the Rings films, including the imposing Whakapapa Skifield (Mordor) and Mount Sunday (the panoramic capital of Rohan).

The islands of Eastern Oceania are steamy paradises, each unique, but each home to swaying palm trees, white sand beaches and snorkeling to die for. East Timor – one of the world’s newest nations – is increasingly stable and ready to show daring travelers its tropical charms. Fiji’s up-market resorts, laid back outlook and staggering diving brings in the crowds, while yachting around the islands of Tonga and Samoa bring you face to face with tribal cultures and blasting cliff-side blowholes. For all the vibrant mix of culture, however, it’s the crystal seas and sublime beaches that you’ll never forget, and they really are peerless.

Oceania will be a treat for all travel types and whether you're planning a romantic holiday, an adventurous trip or an escape from every day life you can count on some serious relaxation, an amazing cuisine and a lot of entertaining festivals.

Getting around in Oceania might feel like a challenge sometimes as spaces are overwhelming and distances remote. Luckily the destinations in Oceania are well connected and public transport can be considered of a good standard. The best thing is to take your time while travelling, to get to know the friendly locals and to enjoy all the beauty Oceania will bring your way. No matter what time schedule you've been given, the urge to return will hunt almost every traveller back to this water wonderland.

Below are the countries, provinces, territories and states in Oceania