Top International Sexy Beaches

Sun, sand and surf are the staples of a sun-drenched trip abroad, but they don’t make up the best part of a beach vacation. Sex on a beach is the ultimate fantasy for most couples looking to get away from it all and get off at the same time; but those who engage in sandy shenanigans risk getting caught, getting dirty and getting crabs (the crustacean kind) instead of an orgasm.

Seclusion, cleanliness and the romance factor should all be taken into consideration before you get sand in places you never knew you had. We lend adventurous couples a helping hand by tracking down the top 10 best beaches to "do it" on.

Sexy Beach

No.10 Poles Bay

Kea, Greece

Sexiness factor: If you’ve ever read Captain Corelli’s Mandolin then you’ll known the appeal of stripping off and getting down to business on Grecian sand. But forget about Greece’s more popular islands and head out to the island of Kea, an ideal beach to have sex on just a ferry ride away from Athens. Because it is not included on the main ferry routes and only a select few know about it, you’ll practically have the place to yourselves. Once there, make your way to Poles Bay -- a three-hour walk -- and indulge in the twin sand beaches, rocky landscape and ancient ruins. With so much splendor surrounding you, your other half will want you to tear off her clothes and ravage her like the Greek god you are. Unspoiled, isolated and evocative; what more could you want?

No.9 White Bay Beach

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Sexiness factor: If there was ever a beach made exclusively for sex, then White Bay Beach would be it. Stretching eight miles long and half-a-mile wide, there’s not much else to do on this gorgeous, picture-postcard island other than make out. Staff at the super-posh Peter Island Resort will set up a picnic lunch and then leave, meaning you can get up to a little spot of nookie in your own private nook. With golden sand and golden tans coming together, you can’t help but feel fire in your loins on this U-shaped piece of paradise.

No.8 Sunset Beach

Oahu, Hawaii

Sexiness factor: It doesn’t get much sexier than Hawaii’s beaches, what with grass-skirt-wearing ladies and muscled surfer boys. However, few venture farther than Waikiki, which is where the crowds sip cocktails and get up to little else. Slip away to the North Shore’s Sunset Beach, where you’re certain to find a secluded spot to shed your clothes. With monstrous swells in front of you and unspoiled dunes behind you, you and your bikini-clad lady friend will be able to consummate your relationship in some of the most beautiful surroundings in the world. Now they don’t tell you that in the brochure!

No.7 Store Beach

Sydney, Australia

Sexiness factor: Bondi Beach is way too busy with surfer dudes to be a good beach to have sex on, but that’s not to say some sandy shenanigans can’t be had within a stone’s throw of Sydney. While it may seem impossible within the locale of a big, bustling city, Store Beach is actually pretty damn isolated. Because it's hidden by a rock formation and can only be reached by boat, this is the perfect place for you to go down Down Under. Other than occasional weddings and a couple of boats anchored 150 feet or so from the shore, your al fresco frolics will go completely undetected. And because it’s part of Sydney Harbour National Park, it’s kept spotless too.

No.6 Mondello Beach

Palermo, Italy

Sexiness factor: Lovers of seafood, tree-lined boulevards and luxury hotel resorts will love what Mondello Beach has to offer; in fact, lovers will love it full-stop. A classy place to get jiggy with it if ever there was one, Mondello Beach has all the makings of a passionate Italian love story with sun-drenched sand and the fresh waters of the Mediterranean. The Italians are super-clean too, meaning this is a beach to have sex on that is virtually devoid of used condoms and cigarette butts beneath your rumpled D&G towel. If anyone catches you, just blame the fiery, Italian blood that runs through your veins. Even if the closest you've ever been to an Italian is a pizza.

No.5 Majahuitas Cove

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sexiness factor: While frisky teenagers drunk on tequila lose their virginity on the sick-stained beaches of Cabo San Lucas, you and your other half deserve a little more class when it comes to love in the cape. Accessible only by boat, swaying palms, pristine white sand and turquoise waters await you at Majahuitas Cove (and piña coladas, too, in case you need something to relax you before the deed). Named after a yellow hibiscus-like flower, it's brimming with enough plant and wildlife to create a stunning natural backdrop. Day-trippers tread the sands during the day, but we recommend checking in to the eight-room hotel beside the beach and bringing sexy back when night falls. Trust us, the only ones who’ll know you’re getting up to no good is you, your gal pal and the twinkling stars above.

No.4 Wildcat Beach

California, USA

Sexiness factor: While Venice Beach and the like are all very well and good for those content with admiring exposed flesh from afar, the seclusion of Wildcat Beach means it’s the best stretch of sand in California for those looking to get down and dirty. Located a full 30 minutes from San Francisco and requiring a five-minute walk to reach it, you can rest easy knowing that it’d be unlikely for anyone to catch you with your trousers down and your underwear around your ankles. What’s more, you can build a bonfire (with the necessary license, of course) and seal the deal with your loved one as the Pacific Ocean froths before you and a rare 40-foot tide-fall cascades down from the cliffs and onto the sand behind you.

No.3 Pink Beach

Antigua, Caribbean

Sexiness factor: While movies such as Into The Blue and After The Sunset will have you thinking that Paradise Island in the Bahamas is the best place to get busy on the sand, it’s not (unless you’re an exhibitionist, of course). Those serious about sex on the beach will want a little privacy away from the madding crowds, and that’s exactly what you’ll get on Antigua’s Pink Beach. Stretching eight miles and bordered by crystal-clear waters on one side and a handful of beautiful boutique hotels on the other, this picture-postcard sandbar won’t fail to get her in the mood. What’s more, the beach is only ever used by a few of the nearby hotels' guests -- meaning you can welcome in another sunrise just you, your lady and your morning wood.

No.2 Colombier Beach

St. Barth’s

Sexiness factor: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Colombier Beach is ideal for sex on the beach; accessible only by boat or a 25-minute hike along rocky terrain, the cove is all about blue skies, shimmering green water and flamingo-hued sand. David Rockefeller used to own an impressive portfolio of property in the surrounding area too, and undoubtedly seduced a number of women on these very sands. While private yachts moor up at the cove’s entrance, you’ll be left largely to your own devices. We recommend bringing a picnic, cracking open a bottle of bubbly and making sweet, sweet love on your red-and-white checked blanket. If you’re honeymooning, you’ll have exchanged more than your vows by the time you leave this stunning island.

No.1 Koh Phi Phi Island

Phuket, Thailand

Sexiness factor: If you’ve seen The Beach, then you’ll know what limestone cliffs, turquoise waters and pristine white sand can do for the libido. While the beach itself here has become something of a tourist trap since the film, there’s nothing to stop you from slipping into the water and slipping into her. Safely submerged, you can go about your filthy beach sex without any of the snap-happy tourists on the sand being any the wiser. In fact, they’ll probably think she’s wrapped around you for a romantic honeymoon hug. Little will they know that you’re slowly bringing her to climax against one of the most stunning backdrops in the world. Just make sure you live up to Leo DiCaprio (no pressure).

Source: Ask Men (dot) Com